Monday, March 04, 2013

Linux Foundation is looking for an awesome sysadmin

There is another fairly large project joining the Linux Foundation in the near future and we are looking for a senior systems administrator to join our Linux Foundation IT team. Normally, I'd advertise such position as "work from anywhere in US, Canada or Australia," but we're actually looking to fill this position in Portland, OR, as we need a few more hands physically located near our main datacentre.

So, if you're not already in Portland, OR, you have to be willing to move to Portland, OR. So, I guess, I must also add "must like good food, mild weather and weird people" to the list of job requirements. :)

We are looking for the following skills:
  • Excellent knowledge of RHEL-6
  • Familiarity with NetApp appliances
  • Good knowledge of networking
    • Vlans, iptables, ipv4, ipv6, etc
    • HP ProCurve switches
    • Juniper routers (a plus)
  • Yum, RPM
  • Puppet (+ Func)
  • SELinux
  • Load balancing using nginx, haproxy, LVS or similar
  • OpenVPN
  • Git (and gitolite)
  • KVM+Qemu+libvirt/virsh
  • Apache, MySQL
  • Familiarity with some java administration (i.e. "must know where to put WARs")
  • Good measure of excellence and awesomeness
Among perks:
  • Work from home (as long as this home is within driving distance of Portland)
  • Receive excellent benefits
    • Health
    • Dental
    • 401(K)
    • etc
  • Attend LF conferences in fun places (LinuxCon, Collab summit, etc)
  • Do cool things with cool people
  • Feel awesome about your work
If that sounds good, please send your resume to me: konstantin at linuxfoundation dot org.

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