Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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I picked up my sketchpad over the weekend again. I had some extra motivation this time -- this portrait was done as part of a holiday give-away on my wife's blog. I like drawing kids -- it's rewarding and fairly easy (round faces, big eyes, and no wrinkles to worry about :)).

I decided to do this one on brown "bogus" paper again -- and that was a bit of an extra challenge. I like being able to do highlights with white conté crayon -- it adds a lot of extra dimension to the work, but this material is also a lot rougher than the smooth drawing paper, so when I make mistakes, there is only a limited number of times that I can erase things before paper starts to fray.

There is a number of mistakes in this work. They aren't drastic, but they are annoying to me, since I know exactly what they are. :)

9x12", brown paper, pencils and conte crayon for highlights

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