Monday, November 10, 2008

New "Festive Knits" book!

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Woo-hoo, it's finally ready! This is our second book, but just like the previous one, it's done entirely in free software. However, if the previous one was made in (with much grinding of teeth and swearing), this one was formatted using Scribus on Fedora (with much grinding of teeth and swearing, though usually only when it crashed -- the downside of using the SVN version).

Thus, the pictures were done in Gimp, the covers were done in Inkscape, and layout was done in Scribus. Another difference is that this book has an actual ISBN -- it is remarkably simple to register one through Library and Archives Canada. The only cost to you is the price of two copies of your published work that you have to send to them for archival purposes ("legal deposit").

It's a smaller format than Fuzzy Knits (6x9 inches vs US Letter), though still plastic coil-bound, because it's vastly preferred by knitters to saddle-stitch. Unfortunately, Lulu recently jacked up their printing costs, so we had to raise the price of the book to $24.95 from our preferred $19.95. :( Hopefully these high printing prices are temporary and we'll be able to lower them in the future.

<blatant_ad>If you know a knitter, this would make a great gift! :) </blatant_ad>

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