Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dosbox is great for retro-gaming

"Lost Vikings" is one of the first games I've ever played on a PC, so it's great to be able to revisit it with DOSBox, which is an x86 emulator with DOS included. It is available for Fedora and can be easily installed using "yum install dosbox."

Since it's an emulator, it does require semi-decent hardware to emulate anything beyond a 25 MHz 286, but that's good enough for old titles released in early 90's. Obtaining those titles is a different matter -- but try :)

One of the nice features is ability to record straight to an .avi file. Hence the video of me finally succeeding a level after trying it for about two dozen effing times.

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Anonymous said...

There is a recompiler core (dynamic core) that handles even P5 eta titles as good as the usual core handles 25MHz titles, however it's by default not used for real mode (286 class) programs.

ALso, the x86-on-x86 dynamic core is faster (30%?) than x86-on-x64, so use the 32-bit dosbox even on x86-64 for best speed.