Monday, September 22, 2008

Going to PEI

My wife and I are off to PEI for our 1-year anniversary (and to celebrate the half-way of the pregnancy). We'll be leaving for Charlottetown on Saturday and should get there by Sunday night (with an overnight stop-over in Edmundston, just so I don't go insane from all the driving). Any PEI Fedorans want to get together for a lunch/beer? We're there until the following Friday.

In unrelated news, my 2.5-year-old Mac Mini gave up its hard drive. Thankfully, it's still well within the Applecare limits (so glad now that I paid for it). The HDD has had that "pencil dropping" sound for about 2 years now, actually, but it came and went. I took it to i-Technique on St-Laurent to check it out back in the spring of 2007, but they kept it for almost 2 months and then just returned back to me with the same hard drive (I'm pretty sure, as it still did the same thing every now and again).

The benefit, of course, is that I kept expecting it to die, so I kept very good backups. Now that it has finally died, I am going to take it to another service center (screw you, i-Technique) -- probably to Mac Clinic next to the Old Port. I should be able to do it before we leave.

Anyway, looking forward to the vacation. We got lucky -- we'll be there right in the middle of the Fall Flavours festival. Mmm.... food.


Unknown said...

Don't forget there's the fancy new Apple store on Ste Catherine, which may be a more direct way to get yourself into AppleCare.

Either way, enjoy PEI!

Joel said...

Im a bit insulted that you would think that we'd do such a thing; "keep it for 2 months and return it with the same HD..." that's just silly.
Apple will confirm the HD was changed.

Have a good time at Mac Clinic.

Joel Yaffe
Owner & General Manager

- blog trackers are so cool..

Unknown said...

1) creepy
2) I didn't bend the truth even slightly. The hard drive made the exact same noise when we got the unit back (which I am willing to sketch up to coincidence or a bad batch -- whatever). And it did take about 2 months to get the my mini back. Perhaps it was 6 weeks or so -- just to give you the benefit of the doubt -- but that's not much of a difference for a procedure that I would have expected to take at most a couple of days. Or a couple of weeks if the drive had to be shipped from China.