Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is weird

In this excerpt from a very old Felix the Cat cartoon, the magic carpet ("Original Arabian Nights Brand") won't move until Felix tries several commands. The command that finally works is actually in Hebrew, not in Arabic, as one would expect. Can anyone tell me what it says? I wonder if it's an honest mistake on the part of the writers and it's just random Hebrew letters, or if there is hidden meaning.


N Raven Wilson said...

Easy... it says "Kosher"

Yankee said...

Kosher, which is really hard to translate properly. Most people understand it to mean that food is fit for consumption by jews who follow the jewish dietary laws.

It technically also means a form of sanctified, correct, and holy. There's no one translation, although it's a very well recognized word.

Often times, these bits of hebrew are throwbacks to the old days of animation where many cartoon animators were all jews. Many jews were banned or discriminated against from doing other jobs as well as from many art schools and other artistic jobs. Instead, they created a whole comic culture.