Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gena the Crocodile

My wife is quite fond of "Cheburashka" -- a character from a classic Russian cartoon. Unfortunately, I could only find the cartoon in original Russian, without subtitles, so when we were watching it, I had to do a live translation so she could follow the story.

A few days ago, I figured I should try gnome-subtitles, which is software that lets anyone create "fansubs" via a simple interface. A few days later, here we are -- a .srt for the cartoon. Now anyone who wants to watch it with English subtitles is welcome to do so.

Here's an excerpt (won't show up if you're reading through Planet):

Torrent file for the cartoon: krokodil.gena.avi.torrent
My .srt subtitles file:

For most players, it's enough to put them together in the same directory (though totem for some reason completely ignores them for me -- so try gnome-mplayer or vlc if no luck).

A side-note on the name "Cheburashka" -- which is totally impossible to translate, especially in subtitles. To "cheburakhnutsa" means to fall down, in a very colloquial language. So, the salesman calls him a "cheburashka" because he keeps falling down. I tried to work it into the translation several times, but then just gave up. :/


Jeff said...

There's a preference "Automatically load subtitle files when movie is loaded" under the General tab. It appears to be off by default.

Very nice job with the subtitles. I enjoyed the cartoon, as did my kids. Hope you do some more!

Anonymous said...

My wife owns this on DVD. She immediately pulled it off the shelf and offered to show it to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much I was about to write my own based on a .flv video from Youtube, hope you dont mind if I post it on a few subtitle websites.
Do you happen to have the subtitles for Vinni Puh?

Unknown said...


Go right ahead. The license on my work is usually Creative Commons by-sa, and this is no exception.


Anonymous said...

There is a user-friendly way of creating subtitles for videos hosted at YouTube, Google Video, etc. at

Oh and a fun trivia fact for you -did you know that the actor who did the sound for the crocodile is an OBE (

Unknown said...

This is too funny, I'm in the same boat as you, Mr. Icon. My wife also wanted to watch "Cheburashka" and just like you, I had to be an interpreter so she could follow the story. Luckily, I was feeling lazy and googled for subtitles, thus discovered your blog.

On that note, this is not the first Russian movie I would like to show to my wife or my Canadian friends. The thought of writing my own fansubs has crossed my mind as well. I wonder if there would be more people interested in starting a rus-to-eng fansub community...