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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Simple layer blending in gimp

This little trick is known to pretty much every non-beginner user of photoshop or gimp. In this screencast I show how to quickly and effectively enhance your photos with Gimp using layer blending.

I recorded this when playing with istanbul desktop recorder, to upload to Fedora TV, but the site appears to be having problems. Hence, I just stuck it in Google Video for now. The quality there is low, so you may want to download the raw .ogg file (it's only 8.3MB in size). Otherwise you may not see some of the details.

PS: the original .ogm movie (ogg theora)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! Found it through a link in Fedora Weekly News.

Anonymous said...

where is the link to .ogg file ?

Mr. Icon said...

Hmm... Interesting, Google doesn't offer downloads for .ogg files. I'll post the direct link when I get home later.

vishy said...


Mr. Icon said...

The original is here

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. it helped me a lot!