Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy as an effing bee

Haven't updated in a while -- been keeping pretty busy at work and helping my wife with her knitting business. We've just published a couple of knitting books, both through Lulu:

Fuzzy Knits, which is a non-holiday version of Festive Knits.
Easter Bundle, which is the first in the line of smaller and slimmer booklets. We want to try to get a number of yarn stores to offer our patterns, and their suggestion has been to have something smaller and less expensive than the big book. The Easter Bundle includes mostly the same patterns as the Fuzzy Knits, so you'd normally buy either one or the other. There will be more of these small pattern booklets coming up, but we need to retake a number of pictures, as many of those that we already have don't work well in black-and-white. This means that Barbara needs to re-knit a bunch of toys, since we didn't keep the original "models." :)

I'm trying to keep abreast of my Fedora responsibilities, too. I have a number of package updates pending, plus I need to fix a couple of backtraces in repoview that have been causing grief for Livna/Rpmforge folks. Keeping spam out of my trac installation on is proving pretty time-consuming, so I have decided to relocate the repository to and disallow anonymous access to the ticket system for now. If you have a file to bug against repoview, you'll need to log in with your Fedora creds.

Hopefully, McGill won't take too much longer reviewing our request to hire more programmers. We've been working on too few cylinders lately -- heck, ever since October -- and our list of neglected projects is getting quite long (including in the tooth, as current projects are taking forever to complete).

Ah, the bane of bureaucracy.

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Barbara Prime said...

I got the first order for the pattern booklets!

Let the Fuzzy Mitten Empire begin! *mwah ha ha*