Monday, December 03, 2007

New home away from SUP

Well, it happened -- Livejournal was gobbed up by SUP. To me, that pushes things well past the "evil" threshold, so I think I'll be closing shop and moving to blogger. All hosting services have great potential for evil, but at least Google is not quite there yet.

My advise to everyone else is to seriously consider whether you want your private data in the hands of a Russian company. Russian privacy laws, at least those that do exist, are routinely not followed -- so do not expect that your private life will be treated with any kind of regard. If you think Facebook is bad about respecting your privacy, SUP will be 100 time worse, and will do so with impunity.

So, from now on you'll find me on I will be closing my LJ account shortly. I'm a bit sad, since it's been about 6 years that I've been on it, but it's time to move on.


Paul W. Frields said...

I wonder why more people haven't looked at I've been using their open source software (available at for over five years, but the .com site has free blogs available, and imports from Blogger, LJ, and others.

mkevac said...

Сказано же что фирма остается в США и законы будут соблюдаться США.

Oxana said...

I came across your article about learning French thru Omniglot Blog ( and found it brilliant! I have to sit TEF in May, pretty soon. But since I have to hit only basic level of French, I think it's okay. The purpose is the same to yours.

Thank you for your work! It was very useful!

P.S. I bursted into tears while reading the passage about '-ent'. OMG, splendid! It is only one month passed since I've started French course, but that '-ent' already drove me mad.

Unknown said...
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