Monday, December 03, 2007

The Golden Compass

We managed to get in on a preliminary viewing of the Golden Compass, which opens this weekend. We weren't even trying -- we just had a couple of hours to kill downtown, and decided to go to the nearby theatre, where we noticed a lone 7PM viewing of The Golden Compass. Naturally, we decided to sneak in so we can partake in the "prerelease buzz" that the studio is hoping to achieve by doing these one-off screenings.

Now, I have not read the books, though we did buy the trilogy just a few hours earlier that day. My only familiarity with the series is limited to hearing about the fundamentalists being all up in arms about a mainstream "atheist" movie. So, I went in without any prior knowledge of the books, and overall it was a positive experience. My biggest gripe is about the plot-line, which was hard to follow at times. It's always difficult to fit an involved action-filled story into the constraints posed by a 2-hour film -- hence why many movies suffer from similar mistakes, such as: sudden and non-obvious revelations randomly occurring to the main character, blatant visual cues pointing out things or items that are supposed to be important, or rushed character development. However, the movie manages to recover from these faults fairly successfully -- I was not at any point too annoyed, which is rare with me and the movies. :)

I am just a tad peeved at the "evil Russians," errr... I mean, "evil Tatars," who are portrayed running some kind of a nightmarish kids-only Gulag installation on Грумант Spitsbergen Svalbard. I mean, seriously -- enough already with silly stereotypes. :) Especially when you dress them all like Rasputin.

Overall, though -- fun movie. I'm looking forward to reading the books and watching the sequels.


Barbara Prime said...

Not to spoil the book, but the sudden revelations are there too. I suppose the author didn't want long drawn-out explanations to bog down the action.

sfllaw said...

Wait a second, weren't you just going on about evil russians in your previous post?


Unknown said...


Yeah, but Tatars are fuzzy and cuddly, like bunnies! :)