Thursday, December 06, 2007


I became a member of Communauto today. It's a car-sharing co-op operating in major cities of Québec, though mostly in Montréal and in Québec-city. Even though I find life without a vehicle quite comfortable in Montréal, sometimes having quick access to a car makes certain things more possible -- for example getting out of town for a bit of hiking, or shopping in stores that are further away than your immediate neighbourhood (IKEA comes to mind).

Communauto has almost 200 parking spots around Montréal, and many of them have more than one car available. If you find that you require a vehicle, all you need to do is either reserve it online, or call a 24-hour hotline if you're away from your laptop. If there are cars available in your immediate vicinity, you can pick one up immediately, or whenever one frees up. There are low per-hour and per-kilometer fees ($1.55 and $0.29 respectively for the package "C" that we selected), plus a yearly fee ($35 for us). We don't pay for gas -- it's included in the service fees.

It does take a $500 deposit to join, but it's fully refundable whenever we decide to leave the program. One of the main downsides for us is that the closest West-island location so far is in Lachine. Hopefully, the co-op will consider adding another car drop in Ste-Anne or somewhere nearby. ;) I did mention that as opposed to the rest of West Island, Ste-Anne has a fair share of graduate students who will probably be interested in having Communauto available to them.

Together with that and the upcoming clone of Vélib that is being introduced in Montréal, I plan on being a lot more mobile during my lunch breaks, at least around the downtown core.

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joshuadf said...

Wow, Flexcar/Zipcar costs $9/hr in Seattle.